Re: We Have to Stick Together (Ay'shen/Ambrelli)


She shook her head.  "Master Larsin knows, of course.  As long as I do my job and he can find no fault with it, I don't think it matters to him.  I'm sure the Master Healer does as well, but I've not interacted there much.  I honestly have been keeping my head down.  I have food delivered to me on shift, I work long candlemarks.  That's my penance I guess.  I've eaten in the Dining Hall a few times, but I feel like everyone is staring at me, whispering behind my back."  In truth, she had no idea how many people knew that she'd been at Fort during that time.  Likely, they wouldn't actually know more than that, since only Ay'shen knew something even approaching the full truth, but actual knowledge had never stopped rumors.  

"I'd like that very much, to see a friend every day or as often as able.  And you're welcome at mine.  It's a bit of a ruin, like a literal ruin.  It was my family's weyr, so it used to be quite large.  But an earthquake collapsed parts of it.  The ledge might be passable for a dragon to drop you off, but not to fully land.  Inside, there are still rock piles.  I haven't bothered to clean those out.  But there's still usable space in the three rooms ((two bedrooms and main)), just probably in total the whole thing is slightly bigger than a normal room.  And it's high up, so I get my exercise every day climbing the stairs."  Why had her parents picked that one?  It made no sense with her mother not being a rider, but then, the sunsets were incredible, so maybe it was just that.  

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