Re: Familiar faces in strange new places. (Tyne/S'ryll)


S'ryll chuckled, "Now why ever would I admit to something as dirty as actually caring?  That's just ridiculous."  She wasn't wrong about him.  When he'd been a jockey, his only motivation had been to be the best so that he wouldn't be a nobody.  It hadn't even been about power, although that was intertwined.  The purses hadn't been bad either.  But it was sometime after flying in his first real Fall that it hit him how important what they did as Riders was, and it was after he saw a rider and dragon devoured by Thread for the first time that he also realized just being 'good enough' was in fact not good enough.  Of course, neither of those thoughts had hit him with that clarity at the time, but rather his attitude shifts could all be traced back to those two initial incidents.  

As she swooned against him, he wrapped his arms around her laughing.  "Only twenty?  We'll probably need our own Weyr by the time they're all older.  Could probably have our own wing at least!  Guess that's one way to become wingleader.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh the sacrifices" he chuckled, teasing her.  "But you always did strike an impression at a Gather in a pretty dress.  Probably still do," he said, complimenting her.  He kept his arms around her as an invitation to stay, but she could pull away at any time.  

He listened as she listed off the fun things, hearing in her voice that wistfulness.  It was something he now took for granted, the ability to go wherever he wanted when he chose to so do.  And something while at the Reaches, he hadn't used as often as he should have.  Perhaps he'd been more homebound and hidebound than he thought.  "WE'LL be okay," he emphasized the plural to her.  "Come on now, Tyne.  You're still the woman that can command my bronze with just her voice and strength of will.  Those places you'll have to show me.  It's more fun exploring with a friend than by yourself.  We can make it a goal, for a new trip a sevenday or something, time permitting."  

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