Re: Yes, she's meant to be this size. Yes, we've been asked before. (Dytha/Ambrelli)


Ambrelli nodded in agreement at Dytha's reasoning.  "Exactly.  My father was a bronzerider, and I grew up in admiration and adoration of of him.  He was very dedicated to the Weyr and impressed upon me the need to serve.  Back then, I still wanted to be a Candidate.  I couldn't control if I Impressed, but I could control my Craft.  My Papa actually got me Merck to help me study anatomy since Rath was just too big for a young girl."  Not that she'd ever stood for a Clutch.  Her parents' death and then going to Fort had upended all of those plans, and now she was too old.  She was still bitter about that, about having given up her chance for a dragon for the greater good, only to find herself in the center of a horror.  The brown flit chirped, bringing her out of her thoughts, and hopped down Ambrelli's arm to get a closer look at Ponth. 

}{*Friends?*}{ the brown sent to the small green, sending her images of playing in the ocean together.

Ambrelli chuckled at the small dragon.  "Well, I look forward to seeing that really bright red on you..  Such an amazing dragon," she said, both to Ponth and Dytha.  

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