Re: It's hard to be in charge atten: Kassia/M'gal


"I certainly didn't expect to Impress gold," Kassia said, drawing him to the chair behind his desk so that she could sit on his lap. She'd told him most about her past, but oddly this had never specifically come up. "I like women. I was a horrible person. You know that my parents told me what a horrible person I was and basically didn't want me, then Weyrwoman Morena at Fort told me that. May was well act the part, right? Girls like that Impressed green, if anything. Then, my Weyrlinghood...being grounded to my Weyr. Threatening to make Foreth eat firestone...Yeah, it was a long time into my life before I straightened up and wanted to be Weyrwoman Second to Wygelle. And then Weyrwoman. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if Foreth hadn't managed to rise first after Wygelle left."

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