Re: Morning Routine (Attn: Alteca, T'rif)

Lynn Barben

Alteca stopped looking forlornly at her klah mug and glanced up to see who the owner of the voice was. Her eyes didn't go immediately to his shoulder knots right away, but rather took note of his physical features. He looked to be rather tall, though not unusually so and he had black hair, though it was hard to tell quite what color his eyes were from the angle she was sitting. When she did venture a quick glance at his knots, her blue eyes widened slightly. So he was both a Bronzerider and Assistant Candidatemaster, interesting. "I could be better, just having a bit of a rough morning. How about you?" Alteca inquired in a casual tone of voice. As much as she wanted a top up of her klah, she was hesitant to ask someone of such notable rank for such a small insignificant thing. Then again, he had been the one to ask. "Well...I was going to top up my klah since it's gotten a bit cool. But I wasn't quick enough," She admitted in a rueful tone as she glanced over to the lineup. 

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