Slow Down, You Crazy Child (N'met, Ides)


It had been quite the day in the dragon infirmary, dealing with more firelizards than he'd ever seen in his life after they'd encountered downright wacky situations. N'met doubted that he would ever understand the little beasties fully. All that he knew was he had a nice hot bath waiting for him and he didn't plan on missing that date. N'met's eyes unfocused as he walked to speak to Abartth and ask the old brown to meet him at the entrance of the dining hall- he'd earned a drink and a meatroll.

N'met's thoughts were interrupted as he rounded a corner and ran full-on into someone. 

"Oof! Hey there, sorry about that," he apologized in his deep voice. "Talking to my dragon and I missed you there." His eyes raked over the other and paused on the man's knots. "Alright there, bronzerider? ... I'des of Sunstreath, ain't it?" The names came partly from Abartth and partly from an old hidebound tradition of knowing all bronzeriders in a Weyr.

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