Re: Checking on a Young Queen atten: Kassia/Delysia/Razelth


Delysia smiled. "I hope you don't mind if they're late returning to their posts. Razelth has been so very please with herself, and she doesn't mind letting everyone know it." She laughed softly. "You'd think that this was the very first clutch that any dragon has ever laid."

{{Of course, I do not think that.}} Razelth interjected, with dignity. {{But these are my babies, so of course they will be wonderful.}}

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"Glad to hear that," Kass said. "Just let me know if you need anything. Don't feel like you have to put up with anything. And if you need anything, just ask. You'll get it brought to you. Probably by a runner hoping to stare at the eggs."

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