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"The acoustics in these caverns are very good indeed." Delysia agreed, taking the last few steps to bring her to De'con's side, now that she was certain of doing so without breaking the musician's attention. 

"You play well, though I don't recognize the song." She offered. "I don't think I've seen you around here before either." She added, conversationally. It was hard to make out exact features in the dark, but Delysia didn't think she could be mistaken about a voice. Casually, she slung the rope toy she'd been carrying over one shoulder. Almost immediately, a pale golden shape, recognizable even in the darkness, dove down to land there, tiny golden claws digging into the rope for stability. Aoede peered at the stranger and crooned softly.

The corners of Delysia's mouth curved. "Even Aoede agrees. And she's the real critic here."

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"... I guess I'll see you, somewhere around... You'll never know when, I'll be.... back around...."

It wasn't a loud or ostentatious singing designed to capture someone's attention. It was a low, intimate hum of a song as if it was being directly sung to the person whom it was intended. It was accompanied by intricate strains as his fingers jumped over the strings. He clearly knew the instrument well, his eyes closed half the time and not needing to look at the strings. He was aware of the shape of someone stepping closer but made no move to cut the music short. It just sounded too damn good in the cave for him to give it up until it was done.

It went on for several more minutes. An almost melancholic song of regret. Sure, it was a little corny around the edges, but there was a soothing quality to it. "... It's funny, lady... how time slips away..."

The four thrumming strums of stronger chords, plus the fact he finally took his hand away indicated that he was indeed finished. Setting the instrument carefully to one side, and making a note to take his boots off the railing, De'con turned to Delysia. He couldn't see her too clearly in the soft light but could tell from her outline that it was definitely a "her". "Ma'am." he said in greeting with a tip of his head that seemed to say, if he was wearing a hat, he would have tipped that in greeting too. Common sense dictated that this was possibly the gold's rider but the light wasn't strong enough to make any notes clear just yet. "I hope my caterwauling isn't waking up the Weyr. But the acoustics were too good to pass up."

OoC: I'm going on the assumption that the cavern gets pretty dark in the evening so that the gold can rest more easily - so I'm assuming that right now, the most he can see of Delysia is some shadows and a few details :P

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Delysia usually chose to spend her evenings and nights in the Caverns so that she could be close to Razelth. There was a smallish cavern off of the main cavern that adapted beautifully into temporarily living quarters. Delysia had moved in the night before, but even the most supremely organized person could not move with forgetting *something*. Or several somethings.

It was with the latest *something* in hand - Boudicca's favorite cat toy, a bunch of colorfully knotted ropes - that Delysia return find soft strains of music drifting out of the cavern entrance. 

If Delysia wasn't so aware of her own dignity and what was due to it, she would have groaned. She was starting to regret her announcement to the candidates, because it seemed to have encouraged every hack who could lay hands on an instrument to facing themselves a musician. But that was before she stopped and really had a listen.

This one...well, this one actually sounded like he knew what he was doing. And with Delysia's acutely musical ear, that was no mean compliment. Curious now, she move quietly and swiftly through the cavern tunnel on soft, though well padded boots. She picked her way through the stands to where the musician sat. Though she did not try to hide, neither did she attempt to break his concentration. 

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It had been a nice surprise to learn that there was clutch on the Sands. Another new start, just like his own. And the rumours on the berry vine had been that the gold was rather partial to a bit of music. And that suited him just fine. Ourneth had caught a gold once. Just once. The lump had insisted that his Rider play for "his" babies all of the time. Hopefully this wouldn't turn into a regular occurrence, but it might be a good way to while away the time, maybe meet someone or two. Preferably someone with a musical ear.

Being that it was getting on in the day, there was next to no one in the stands. No, he didn't mind Candidates but he wasn't in the mood to entertain half a dozen kids. He wasn't exactly dressed to impress a goldrider, clad in a well worn, comfortable checked shirt, his sleeves rolled up, an equally worn pair of trousers and his most favourite pair of boots that had definitely missed polishing day more than once. But his gitar, that had been well and truly loved, the deep sheen of well polished care giving the rich dark wood a lustrous glow.

Making himself comfortable, boots up on the safety railing, he twiddled with the strings as he tuned he instrument expertly, fingers plucking until he found the right note. He could see the dark shape of the gold in the dim light, but didn't address her directly - just in case she were resting.

The acoustics in here were astounding and for several minutes he let the rich noise echo around the cave, a pleasant strumming before he added his low tenor to it, a drawling croon that complimented the gitar's melody.

"Well, hello there... my, it's been a long, long time... How you doing? Oh, I guess that I'm doin' fine..."

OoC: Yes, he is basically singing Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away". Because he's a cowboy at heart ;)

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Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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