Re: A Humble Gift Given Freely (Sonnellion, Delysia/Razelth)


If Delysia had been present, she might have been tempted to comment cynically that any candidate who thought of *her* as a *good* person was clearly a few dragons short of a wing and just as obviously too stupid to do any dragon any good. 

Most fortunately, that was not the case, so the only response that Sonnellion received was a hearty: {{Oh yes, Mine is wonderful.}} Razelth agreed cheerfully. {{She is the best person in the world. She doesn't talk about Fort.}} She added, almost reflectively. {{She was not happy there. It did not seem like a happy place.}} Razelth shook herself. {{But she came here where I found her and she is happy.}} The "as it should be" was unspoken but heavily implied.

{{Just like you will be happy once Yours find you.}} This had more of the sound of a decree than an inquiry.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 9:37 PM Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:
Sonnellion thought for a minute. Delysia's name was in fact familiar, so maybe... "I know her name from more than just your glory, so maybe I did know her back there," he admitted to the queen. "I tried to stay quiet and do as I was told to not get hurt. It was... probably harder for her to do that as a girl candidate. Fort didn't want girls to Impress anything but gold dragons, so people like Delysia would have been kept under tight control. I... remember when we were kidnapped and put on the plateau to be eaten by Thread, and your dam sent the bronzes to save us." Gratitude shone in Sonnellion's heart at that and he actually hoped that Razelth could sense it.

"That said... I'm really glad that yours got out safe. Delysia is a good person and not only because she's your lifemate. Though of course that plays a part of it publiclly." Sonnellion gave the queen a little smile, eyes even on hers now.

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