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Larsin steepled his fingers and thought. At first, he wanted to tell her to get out of there; Dragonhealing wasn't somewhere that you just threw people into. And, with her history, he didn't want her around gravely ill or injured dragons. Who knew how that would affect her?

Then he remembered she talked to all the firelizards. And that could be helpful, even in dragonhealing. After all, even if a dragon didn't wish to speak to him, they might deign to talk to something of a similar nature. He pursed his lips.

"The fact that you have a gold is good. We get a lot of injured firelizards in here--usually because of the stupidity of their handlers, and not because they, themselves are stupid. Though I have seen a few in my time...

"Anyway, I could probably use your help with triaging firelizards that are brought in," he said, nodding. "And, while it seems demeaning, there are some that really need their nails clipped. And Sam isn't always helpful with the patients who hate their feet being worked on."

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Still twiddling with her blouse, Tyne stepped into the office - looking too much like she was about to turn tail and run. But she didn't, instead taking a minute to settle herself on the comfortable guest chair and compose herself. Well, at least try. Fidgeting for a moment, she remembered the bag that was always over her shoulders and pulled it over her head, fumbling inside to pull out several sheets of paper that looked a little rumpled. It was clear to see that they were covered in notes, doodles and small diagrams. Clearly she had been thinking very hard about something.

"I've been trying to think of something I can do to be useful again. Not just to be... me." It came out in a rush and Tyne visible slowed herself, taking a deep breath. "I feel... completely lost. I don't have any skills I can take to a craft but..." she paused, the moment poignant and heavy. "... But I need to have purpose. I'm just... I'm floating. I don't have a Craft I can return to but even if I did.. I don't know if I would want to." She instinctively went to reach for Bobbin's tail but the gold, for once, wasn't there. Tyne had sent her to join the faire until she was done, not knowing how the Dragonhealer had felt about the presence of the creatures in his office. She had thought it was polite but now she was suddenly aching aware of just how absent the gold was. Of course, she hadn't even needed to ask. Bobbin, ever intertwined with the nuances of Tyne almost immediately appeared, diving onto the empty shoulders with practised ease and hunkering down with a series of soft, soothing croons. Just as immediately, Tyne's fingers had entwined themselves with the gold's tail.

"They said I should consider doing something with the firelizards." She finished, almost uselessly, like she wasn't sure what to say after. She was looking for a lifesaver, that was for sure. "And I want to help them. They're important...." Another pause, this time supported by a sheepish, almost guilty look. "... But I don't know where to start."

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"Come in, come in," Master Larsin said, getting up and opening the door himself. He'd seen Tyne around, usually with her own, and several other firelizards in tow. Even Sambert was fascinated with a human who could talk to firelizards as easily as they talked between themselves. He'd tried to show Larsin that they were filling a hole, but his pet just didn't understand the concept.

"Have a seat," he said, motioning to one of the guest chairs in his office. "What can I do for you today?"

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It had sat on Tyne's thoughts since her talk with Cremsden. Maybe she could do something with the firelizards. The problem was, she just didn't know what. Someone had suggested she look at Dragonhealing in general but... she wasn't sure she had the right kind of stomach for that. She wasn't even sure she would manage to be in the Infirmary too much around wounded or worse... dying dragons, the stink of ichor clogging her nostrils day in and day out. No... that might be... dangerous.

But she just felt, well, she felt more than a little lost. Now that her thoughts were beginning to settle more, she was becoming more and more acutely aware that she just didn't really have a place anymore. Myrandith had given her a different sort of purpose. A different sort of place. But now she didn't have that, well, she just didn't know who she was meant to be anymore. Something was taking root though and that was that she didn't just want to be the wild woman running through the Weyr that was talked about with hushed voices about who she HAD been. She wanted more than that now. She needed more than that now.

Shyly, she had spoken to a few different Dragonhealers who were more fascinated with her ability to talk to the firelizards than they were occupied with her being "that dragonless former Goldrider" but they had all said the same. If anyone could give her some advice, it would surely be Master Larsin. And if he was anywhere, it would be in his office. 

Someone had kindly taken her there, making small talk about the gold and bronze firelizards on her shoulders which had helped to set her at ease. They had even knocked on the door for her when they had realised that Tyne was far too nervous to do it herself. "Don't worry," the cheerful woman had said in low turns, "Master Larsin seems scary but he's really not terrible. He's one of the best for a reason and I'm sure he'll at least be able to give you some food for thought."

"Master Larsin? Are you about?" The journeywoman called at the door in a cheery tone. "There's someone here I think you'll like to speak to. A very lovely young lady who can talk to firelizards." Given that the woman was probably in her fifties. it had made Tyne giggle a little to be referred to as lovely, the jovial personality making her relax, although it didn't stop her playing nervously with the hem of her blouse.

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