Re: Yes, she's meant to be this size. Yes, we've been asked before. (Dytha/Ambrelli)


Ambrelli listened as the woman explained.  "That sounds terrible; I'm sorry.  With all the good we can do healing, it's got to be frustrating when you can't heal yourself."  Rum and running worked for her, but she doubted that would solve Dytha's problems.  Not like it was solving hers either.  "When it flares up, if you need anything, if Ponth needs anything..." she left the rest unsaid.  It wasn't that she was completely unselfish, but she didn't have many friends, any friends really, so being polite and nice to a fellow Dhealer that she was going to work with made sense.  

"Well, I of the opinion that this is the best Craft there is, but then I'm a bit biased I suppose.  Healing a dragon is the purest thing I can ever hope to do," she said, her voice a bit sad despite the happy words.  The remnants of her guilt showed through in that, not that Dytha would recognize it.  

Ambrelli's face lit up as Ponth spoke to her, a smile spreading across her face. Every time a dragon spoke to her, she was taken back to her childhood, to hearing her father's bronze in her mind for as long as she could remember.   "You honor me, Ponth.  What color are your talons normally?" she asked.  She walked over to the dark green dragon, her eyes appraising her, talking as she reviewed the dragon's physique, occasionally touching her.  "Incredible..."

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