Re: Familiar faces in strange new places. (Tyne/S'ryll)


He chuckled.  "I thought about it, believe me!  But all it would have done was gotten me on weyr arrest or sent down here with a mark on my record before anyone knew me.  Believe me, if I thought I could get away with it..." he scrunched his nose.  "The good thing is that Vastolth and I are good at Flying, and we're good at helping leadership.  We'll get a position before too long.  It's inevitable.  I just hate the fact that I have to..." he was about to say start over again, and realized that might not be the right choice of words with her... "work our way back up."  He honestly didn't realize how arrogant and entitled that sounded, but to be fair, they were hard workers and always had been.  

He smiled when she squeezed his hand, the feeling of her fingers wrapped around his comforting to him in a way he wouldn't have expected.  "Don't hold your breath on that one," he said, as she teased about the Weyr falling in love with him.  "Vastolth things he's the Best Bronze... I know we're a long way off from being the Most Well Loved Bronzers..." 

When she suggested a hold girl's fantasy life, he laughed.  "Oh, you've caught me now.  Will you be mine Tyne and bear me many babies?" he rolled his eyes.  He liked this gentle teasing they were doing with each other.  It felt familiar, and yet it was safer than the topics of which they used to speak.  Ruling Weyrs together was probably not a long-term viable plan anymore.  "I'm not going that far, Tyne.  But I've had my fair share of dotting idiots.  I much preferred the company of intelligent women to that of the Gather maid.  But Vastolth and Flying, that always comes first.  It's not an easy thing for most women to accept."  Truth be told, he didn't give most of them the opportunity to so do, with her and Ardany, a greenrider from his past.  They were the only two women that he had known for Turns and that intimacy had been part of a friendship rather than just a flight or a roll.  But then again, she'd been gone by the time he'd stopped feeling the need to be with a woman nearly every night.  He'd spent as many of those nights with Tyne as he could, and filled the rest up in her absence.  Perhaps that's why it took her absence to make him realize the rest hadn't mattered nearly as much as he thought they had.

He rubbed his fingers against her palm, wanting to keep touching her in some way.  He wanted her to want him to be there again.  The feeling was there still regardless of her dragon's absence.  Later, it might surprise him, but his head was already spinning much too fast to notice.  "So what do you do around here for fun if not roll in the furs, make snow dragons, freeze riding leathers in the lake..." he said, listing off many of the past times and pranks that used to occur at the Reaches.

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