Re: We Have to Stick Together (Ay'shen/Ambrelli)


It struck her that they led opposite truths.  He'd done the right thing and been punished for it; she'd done the wrong and got off easier.  She supposed it was because she wasn't a rider herself, that she had saved lives by staying, and that few knew what she had done in the Resistance.  Ay'shen had confessed and he'd paid the price for that confession.  But if anyone should be locked up between the two of them, it should be her.  And that he'd had no visitors to his weyr in all his time here was an ominous sign of what she could expect.  And walking into his weyr, seeing his self-punishment, she felt guilt wash over her all over again.  She had her own guilt, she reminded herself.  It just manifested differently than his.  She was living in her dead parents' weyr after all, so that the ghosts of their memories could remind her how much she'd failed them.  She slept on a bed, but that assumed she slept at all.  

She poured them both wine out of the skin, taking her cup and sitting down.  It was a mediocre wine, but then, she drank enough rum nowadays to ease her sorrows that her marks were hard pressed to make it to the end of the Turn without supplementation.  She took a sip first to ease his fears that she might have put anything in there.

"It is a long story, and one I'll need a bit more liquid courage to tell," she said, taking a big sip of the wine as if to jump start that process.  "When I saw you today... I don't know how to explain it.  I want to forget that part of my life so bad, but it haunts me," she looked around again, "as I think it does you.  And who else can understand that.  So when I saw you, I just..." she shrugged.  Now that she could talk about it, the numerous monologues in her head all seemed to vanish.

"How have you been?"  It was perhaps an odd question, given that she could see the evidence of his penance and guilt around her.  "How is Ohselth?" she asked.  She never forgot a dragon.  Riders yes, but not dragons.  

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