Re: A Favorite Topic With a New Face (Diagir/Ziya, Maglor/Glaurung)


"I completely understand, Maglor. Diagirsk is the same way, or was. I had to train him in the North using just what I'd learned from my father. It was hard and he scarred me up plenty. Not as much as some, mind, but more than none. There's no secret to a perfect wher." At a grunt from Ziya, Diagir grinned down at her. "I mean it, even you. Ziya was oh so incredibly stubborn from the moment she gained herself to her first Hatching. She's miserable when pregnant and almost impossible to reason with, but once her eggs are on the sands, she's happier."

Giving DIagir another look, Ziya returned her attention to Glaurung. {'Rung smart, 'Rung 'preciate Ziya. Ziya smart, Ziya gold. 'Rung smart. Make smart lituns.}

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