Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)


Trometh was a very large blue, possibly even the largest in the weyr, he rivaled some of the smaller browns for size, and often used this to his advantage. He was standing part way into the lake, deep enough that nothing below his shoulders and hips could be seen. Just a great, broad blue back, and wings lightly floating on the water as the big fella relaxed. Somewhere on the other side, hidden by the great blue bulk one could hear splashing, and the sounds of a man humming in the bass register. It wasn't harper great, but didn't sound too bad. Though he'd never sung around others since his seemingly long ago lessons with the harper.
Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

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