Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


OOC: I liken it to people who live in cold climates, like Sweden or Alaska, and enjoy it.  I don't understand it, but they do exist.  

IC: S'ryll returned her smile, restraining himself.  At the Reaches, a smile like that would have been an invitation for him to touch her, maybe kiss her, depending on the rank of the person across from him.  But he knew better than that with her.  After yesterday, anyways.  The Weyr felt like vacation, the women felt like war.  

"I'll work my way back up," he said, in his usual manner, sounding a bit like Vastolth did when he made desires into facts.  He raised an eyebrow slightly, a smug grin creeping onto his face.  "Vastolth and I are very good at what we do..."  He finished his wine and the last of the food she'd passed him.  "You left out the dangerous women, Sar.  I believe that's the first time I've ever had a knife even threatened to be drawn on me without maybe me asking for it," his tone was teasing, to take any sting out of the words.  "And despite that, or perhaps because of it, I would love for you to show me the runners.  And the whers.  And the bathing pools, that I haven't found yet."

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