Re: Old Enough to Know Better ((Attn: S'ryll / Kyrel))


Kyrel did not react in the slightest to the rider's first address, assuming he was speaking to someone else - though he had heard the words loud and clear. After all, there was a beach full of random folks who he might be talking to and he was very engrossed in fitting this stupid line through these two loops in the right order. It was only once the word 'candidate' was mentioned that his attention from the book rose. 

"Uh," Kyrel squinted up at the intruder interrupting his study. Shells. Busted. He knew himself to be a terrible liar, so he didn't even make the attempt. "Probably, yeah. But--" The boy raked a hand through his dark hair, frowning as if he expected trouble to follow. "I already know my numbers. It's not like I'm missing anything. Are... you gonna tell someone?" There were worse things to be tattled-on for, but Kyrel did not look forward to a talk from the ACMs. 

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020, 5:29 AM TrueTricia <tricia.nicewicz@...> wrote:
"You there!" a voice called, a tone of command about it, but not accusatory.  At just about the same time as the call went out, a large splash hit the ocean, a flash of pale bronze hide sinking beneath the waves.

{{There are interesting creatures under here.  Bathe me, and then I must bring fish to Foreth as she demands.}}  

S'ryll's lips twitched at his bronze.  Vastolth was used to being by the side of a gold, not the only one, but there nonetheless.  The aloofness of Foreth had not seemed to bother him yet, but S'ryll was cautious in thinking that it might eventually.  The bronze didn't see this as bribery or paying favors, rather the gold's due.  But Vastolth also believed he was due as well, and when he realized that Foreth wasn't giving it to him, well then.  There might be trouble.

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere else, Candidate?" S'ryll asked, noting the boy's attire, the book, and the knots in his hand.  His voice was more amused than accusatory.  What did he care if this kid skipped his lessons.  He was not the Candidate Master, and he wasn't about to go alerting anyone either.  But he certainly could use this to his advantage.  Vastolth was such a large bronze, and bathing him, without help, was such a chore.  Back at the Reaches, there were plenty who would help him to curry favor with a bronzerider, especially one that was a w2.  Being here, well, the giant hulk of a bronze was going to be more work than Saere had put in for quite some time.  

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