Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)


Truth be told, it was nice to have someone flirting with her, interacting with her in a way that few here at the Weyr did.  She felt as if people avoided her; oh they were polite enough, but she didn't believe for a moment that they trusted her.  There were always rumors about her.  Perhaps not as humorous as those Z'go had made up, and she liked his version better.  And for this reason alone, her instincts screamed at her.  

At Fort, she'd learned to act deliberately in all things.  She did anything less, and she could die.  That had saved her life, but it had cost her dearly in other ways.  It had been Turns since the Resistance fell.  Turns since what had been a noble cause had turned into a horror show.  And still, she felt the habits of her old life impress upon her that flirting for flirting's sake meant nothing except he wanted something from her.  Her response should be based not on how it made her feel, but on what she could gain from it.  It was hard to turn these instincts off.  She'd lived with them for so long.  And no matter what, she didn't know Z'go or his dragon.  At least that was a logical place to start.

So when he leaned in close and spoke in her ear, she didn't know if the chills she felt were attraction or a warning.  It wasn't like Arolos had ever been safe; her parents' murders attested to that, and the WW herself wore a knife at her belt at all times.  Being wary wasn't crazy here, especially not given her past.  But it wasn't Fort either.  If it had been, she'd be playing the meek girl, submitting to him as was expected of her.  She'd never been meek though, and at least here at Arolos, she never had to play that role again.  A hundred others, but not that.  But she was working still.  She couldn't change the past, but she could ensure that her Craft, the dragons, came first.  

His breath in her ear, she turned so that she faced him.  She brought the wooden tool up between them, poking him in his chest with it and pushing him away slightly.  "Then go get them..." she said simply.  

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