Re: A Fellow Wher Handler atten: atten Larenne/Kassia

Jessica Freise

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"I'm a Senior apprentice only. My egg was a gift and Larensk has been by my side ever sense." She looked a little pensive, thoughtful, as she stroked his hide and studied the beautiful lines of the goldrider's bronze wher. "He's a bit of a pain when it comes to obeying anyone but me, but he is completely loyal at heart, which usually makes up for the trouble he gets me out of."

Again, that charming grin flashed.

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Kassia laid a head on the bronze, clearly an earlier generation Callamere wher of the protection line. She smiled. "He's 17. Where did you get yours? What is your role in the wher craft?"


OOC: if you get a chat, it'd be fun to chat about the whercraft with you, not many with whercrafters around

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