Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)

Rogue Kakashi

Z'go snorted at her response, amused and noticing that little by little her walls were coming down, "Very well, if you don't want to be thanked for helping Gamyth, how about for eating weyrbrats and giving the grown ups less little wheryfecks to deal with?  Aye, I'd raise a glass to that."  He offered her a roguish smile; he was teasing, inviting her to play a little bit more.  

He was of course attentive to everything she was doing to Gamyth, memorizing the procedure to the best of his abilities in case, Farath forbid, he had to do it himself in the future.  "Don't worry, I'm watching," he told her, though when she turned his green eyes weren't on the dragon but lingering on the woman attending Gamyth.  His eyes drifted up her figure until they encountered the dragonhealer's own. 

The brownrider leaned in closer to Ambrelli, practically looking over her shoulder.  He was close enough that when he turned his head his deep voice spoke dangerously closer to her ear, "Go on, continue."  He turned his head, attention returning to the wound, "And the response is yes, I have plenty of oils."

-mZ'go and Gamyth

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