Re: Familiar faces in strange new places. (Tyne/S'ryll)


Yes, that had been true. Although, Tyne thought wryly to herself. There were some scars that it would be harder to think of as anything other than what they were, a desperate attempt at a failed escape. Thankfully, as ever, those were covered in the light sleeves of the fingerless gloves that Idri had made for her, but it didn't stop her running her fingers absently over the material, feeling the ridging beneath. 

A small giggle had escaped her when he pulled off his tunic and she pulled it over her head gratefully, the familiar scent suffusing her nostrils. The conflict this encounter had caused would unsettle her for days, that was for sure, memories being dragged out into the light from where they had lurked under dark rocks. "You always were quick to get the muscles out. Watch you don't get burned on that pale Northern complexion, now. That's the last thing your ego needs." A flicker of a twinkle had crossed her eyes, but only a flicker. A spark of her previous self. A small smile had settled on her face though, shy and timid, but a smile none the less. "I'm... not as broken as I was. I... don't remember much of immediately after. Wygelle and F'loran helped. They send marks to Kassia to pay for my upkeep here so that I can have... some of what I used to." Warmth touched her expression as she mentioned the High Reaches Weyrleaders. She missed F'loran. The jovial lump. 

She sipped at the flask and then held it out to him, happy to share before turning her gaze to the cloud of firelizards above her. Her eyes closed and she appeared to be basking in the sun, in reality she was dipping into the emotions of her faire. They had settled again, distracted by several small insects that they were darting after. "They helped fix me. All of them did. They listened even when I didn't know that I was calling."

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S'ryll smiled back at her, gently.  "We always viewed these scars differently, you and I."  He stopped though, realizing his next words of 'the price you had to pay for what you were to become' might only add to her pain right now.  It felt good to be near her again, near something that reminded him of home.  He saw the look of embarrassment cross his face.  It wasn't as if he hadn't seen all of this before, but it had been awhile, and her discomfort was something he could help.  He pulled off his tunic, handing it to her while the flits came down.  

"For while you wait," he told her, now he himself being barechested and exposed.  Not that he minded in this sun.  

As the little green looked at Vastolth, the bronze regarded her curiously.  ((I think she likes you)) Saere told him, amused.  

{{Hmmm...}} the bronze said, confused.  One one hand, a green flirting was just that.  But on the other hand, this was a flit, and that fact and the irony of it, seemed to win out.  He gave a welcoming rumble back to the little one as she regarded him.  He watched as they listened to Tyne, as she sent them away to fetch a new shirt for herself.  And as she stared at him, he felt the weight of his guilt in her gaze.  But he didn't move. That was his burden, and from the looks of it, she had enough to bear without his.  

"We were scared for you.  I mean, I totally understand it being overwhelming.  I know I'm roguishly handsome and you haven't seen me in awhile, but it's not every day a woman faints at the sight of you." he smiled, teasing her to keep it light.  "You're not broken, Tyne.  But it's ok to not be the same either."  He couldn't stand the thought of her being broken.  He'd once been so loyal to her, so dedicated to her as his ww, his queen.  He couldn't match that former dedication with the fact that when she needed them all the most, he wasn't there.  None of them had been.  They'd failed her.  In his arrogance, she wouldn't feel so broken if he'd been there, if he'd somehow been able to save her.  

"You've earned the right to be however you need to be right now," he said slowly.  "And I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you through it."

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