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Nayari hadn't expected the response and looked a little taken aback, surprise registering on her face. "I'm please to hear that. Unfortunately some might consider me a little hard handed. But I have the best interests of all the Candidates in mind." She had taken the empty seat, primly crossing one knee over the other, ever the image of a Lady. But appearances mattered, even when you were as anal about it as she was. "Some of our... more established Candidate might try to push boundaries but they are still bound by the same rule as those that arrived yesterday. They are not exempt from any reprimand that their behaviour might cause, nor do they get to laze about just because they think they've been here long enough to know it all." Nayari' voice was firm, but not unkind. 

"I am a firm believer that hard work, good structure and appropriate reprimand builds character and gives focus. We have a very important role here and with the right foundation, anyone can thrive." She paused, "My door is always open should you have any questions as well. I welcome feedback from my Candidatemasters. As well as ideas and their concerns. I want to know what they've seen that caused alarm. What they've heard about that they think could be a good idea."

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The more Nayari spoke, the deeper and stronger Talena's respect and admiration grew. This woman got it, she was speaking words that Talena herself held close to her heart and tried to teach herself. Nodding with a gesture to sit, Talena sat herself while still listening. She took a slow breath when her Master finished and allowed a little smile. 

"My land, I don't think that I've ever heard anyone put my deepest beliefs into words so perfectly. Candidate Master, I'm very glad to be in your service now. I think that maybe I just witnessed an off moment today and used that to judge all of the Candidates here. I was clearly wrong if this is your stance. I'm very eager to see just what these kids and my new coworkers can do together."

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