Re: The Art of Dragonhealing (Ambrelli/Yiyu)

Jessica Freise

Something ancient lived in the Dragonhealer's gaze, along with the evident warning and a touch of disbelief. Disbelief, Yiyu understood, was directed at her. Part of her wilted -- or tried to. She refused to let that happen, to look away.

"I can do this," she said simply, steel in her words. "I want to be a help, not a henderence to my Weyr."

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Ambrelli nodded.  "Dragonhealing isn't easy.  You're not just dealing with the dragon, but with the Rider too.  You're a Candidate, so you probably think Riders are awesome.  Some are.  Sore are dicks.  And whatever they are when things are going well, they're different when their lifemate is in pain.  People lose their minds and do crazy things when someone they love is in pain, and it's worse when it's a pain they can feel too.  They stop thinking, and they react irrationally.  And in the middle of a Pass, the times when it's bad are more than the times when it's good.  This isn't the Craft for the faint of heart...." 

It was a fair warning.  Arolos wasn't Fort, but the dangers and the risks were still real.  Chances were slim the girl would get assaulted or raped on a weyrcall here.  It hadn't been that way at Fort.  But no matter what Weyr you were at or its attitudes, nothing could prepare you for the challenges of trying to calm rider and dragon enough after a bad Threadfall, especially when the Rider was unconscious and the dragon scored so bad he was a danger to those working on him, or in danger of going between.  If a Queen could be called to calm him, great, but during bad Threadfalls, there may be too many injuries and not enough Queens.  She remembered a bad Fall at Fort that was like that.  She hated half the Riders in that damn Weyr, but she'd never, never wish that kind of pain or death on anyone.  Not even Fortians.  

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