Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)

Rogue Kakashi

Z'go hadn't been sober when she entered, but she didn't have to worry; he was a bitran and proudly able to hold his own, at least were wine was concerned.  He filled the cup up again, except that this time he left it on one of the tables, for when she was finished.  He let a snort when he heard her answer; "Really now?  I never see you drinking at the Dining Cavern," he mentioned, which is where most dragonriders who partook ended up after a few cups.  There was no other drink at making the antisocial social again, Z'go had found.  "Oh, right, it's because you're the cavern's witch.  You must drink alone in the dark, from the skulls of weyr children who misbehave and don't go bed on time.  Well I don't have any skulls we can share but this mug will have to do... as a thank you for helping Gamyth."

- Z'go and Gamyth

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