Re: Bronze on Bronze (D'cul, I'des)


"That's true," D'cul agreed. "Rank is more... a suggestion here than a rule with the obvious exception of golds. Mind, I don't mind lower riders having ranks like Wingthird or maybe even Wingseconds if they're competent, and I can respect brownriding Weyrleaders like R'tal, but it's so different than a Weyr like High Reaches. That place was.... difficult." He would never forgive Jerasi for arranging to steal Zivath's egg and claim it for her own. That had brought a deep shame on High Reaches riders that Wygelle was working hard to erase.

"I used to think that, if I went down to the beach and walked for five minutes, I would have enough firelizard eggs to take up North, sell at a Gather, and make myself ridiculously rich. I mean, I probably still could. I do like that whers are more acceptable down here. Right handy for a ranking rider to have."

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