Re: Sacharrine Saturated Nightmare (Talena, and CM Nayari)


The more Nayari spoke, the deeper and stronger Talena's respect and admiration grew. This woman got it, she was speaking words that Talena herself held close to her heart and tried to teach herself. Nodding with a gesture to sit, Talena sat herself while still listening. She took a slow breath when her Master finished and allowed a little smile. 

"My land, I don't think that I've ever heard anyone put my deepest beliefs into words so perfectly. Candidate Master, I'm very glad to be in your service now. I think that maybe I just witnessed an off moment today and used that to judge all of the Candidates here. I was clearly wrong if this is your stance. I'm very eager to see just what these kids and my new coworkers can do together."

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