Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)

Rogue Kakashi

"Aye, I've treated threadscore before, this wasn't my first Fall," he replied watching as she worked.  It was strange to find such... an angry yet beautiful woman.  In his experience that usually meant that there was an undercurrent beneath the surface.  The dragonpoker player in him noticed the way she dressed herself, even when on duty, with such precision, said a lot about her.  He recognized his own kind; and those impenetrable walls were really made out of glass, barely containing the raging wildfire within.  

"No questions," he answered and let her get to work.  Returning to his bed, he salvaged the wineskin and returned, fairly sure he was going to need it survive this woman.  

"I'm pretty sure that you would bite my head off if I did have any questions, though," he challenged, pouring some of the dark red liquid into a cleaned out klah mug.  "You definitely need a drink."

- Z'go

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