Re: The Art of Dragonhealing (Ambrelli/Yiyu)

Jessica Freise

Gladly, she reached out a hand. The hide was warm and soft, but felt so delicate, around the wings. She scratched here and there for a long moment before she answered the Journeywomann's question: "I have a. real interest in healing them. Learning how they work and helping them through the best and the worst life has to offer."

On Apr 5, 2020, at 8:08 AM, TrueTricia <tricia.nicewicz@...> wrote:

"Well Yiyu, are you just assigned here, or do you have a true interest in dragonhealing?" Ambrelli asked as she went to a cupboard to get the girl an apron.  She returned just as Merck was reaching the girl.

"He wants you to pet him.  He's a glutton for attention."  The flit turned his head back to his human before looking back at the girl and chirping encouragement and agreement.  

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