Re: What Did You Accuse Me Of? atten: Kassia/Ysolde


That was probably as close to a return apology as she was going to get. Even Ysolde wasn't so stupid... or stubborn as to realise she was being thrown something of a lifeline here. Even if she felt that Kassia was being a tad melodramatic. Attack? It wasn't as though she had come after the woman with knives. The rebellious little thought was rapidly squashed when the Goldrider's wher was mentioned. In the heat of the moment, she had entirely forgotten the bronze wher that the Weyrwoman was so well known for. And even the best trained animal can be unpredictable where their protective instincts lay. Ysolde swallowed audibly, a good chunk of the petulance leaving her features as the gravity of the missing wher sunk in a lot harder than the conequences of giving someone a push had done. Once, up in the North, she had seen a would be runner thief lose the best part of one of his legs to the occupant watch-wher and that had been one of the far wilder cousins that spent its life on a chain.

"My Da has nicer things," she mumbled eventually, her tone now considerably more acquiescent. "Things far more befitting a Goldrider than my silly trinkets. I'm sure if you were to visit, he'd be delighted to let you look over his completed wares." And no doubt let the woman have her pick of whatever she liked if it meant his daughter wasn't considered public enemy number one. Already she could see the look he would give her and it wouldn't be angry, it would be that sad disappointment and it hit her in her chest like a rock and the sudden urge to cry made her lip tremble perilously. She had let her father down, after all her promises that she would be on her best behaviour. And here she'd acted like some... some.. tearaway brat who didn't know better. Fury was fast fading into a deep seated shame and turning into a different sort of anger. She was angry at herself. Here she was, dreaming about being someone like Goldrider Delysia and she couldn't even keep her temper in check. She was angry that she had been such... such... a child!

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Kassia nodded, at least appreciating the response though she could see that the girl didn't actually mean it through her fury.


"Perhaps I shouldn't have picked up your piece," she allowed. "Maybe another time I can come back and have a better look with your express permission, but in the meantime you must learn that you can't react the way you did. Attacking people is expressly forbidden short of defending people in this Weyr. We are being incredibly lenient, though I doubt you believe us. If I'd had my wher with me nearby somewhere, you might have suffered far worse. Learn to control that temper if you want to become a potential rider. Do you understand?"

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