Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)


Ambrelli's gaze was fully engaged on the dragon in front of her, she considered it rude not to give them her full attention, until Z'go spoke again.  She spared a glance back in his direction.  Her blue eyes looked him up and down, then for a moment, flickered to the interior of the room, taking in the contrast between the disheveled rider and the impeccable weyr.  Interesting.  Hers was nearly the opposite.  To look at Ambrelli, everything about her was purposeful, from her hair, to the tunic she wore, to her jewelry.  Everything was exactly in place.  It was her costume, her armor, and it had to be perfect.  Like a guard whittling his blade, Ambrelli crafted her appearance every morning.  But her weyr... her weyr was her sanctuary, and if this Z'go could have seen it, he'd have been as shocked as she was at the appearance of his.  

"Glad to see you did that before the wine."  It came out harsh, and she closed her eyes briefly.  Faranth, her patience today was running thin, but it wasn't his fault she reminded herself.  "You've treated Threadscore before?" she asked him directly.  Before he could answer, she turned her attention back to the dragon, her satchel being set on the floor.  She placed her hands on Gamyth and began running them over the dragon's hide carefully.  She closed her eyes as she did this.  It helped to not be fooled by your eyes, to let the hide and muscle tell its own story.  She'd learned this long ago, and even with her eyes closed, she knew she was close to the Threadscoring long before her fingers got close.  She took a piece of chalk from a pouch at her waist and marked the spot on Gamyth.  It was quite a bit off from the Scoring itself.

"This is how far away the Scoring is affecting your muscles, pulling at your hide.  Many times, people just want to treat the burns.  But the damage goes beyond what the eye can see.  I'll be treating you for all of this," she motioned to the the brown's leg.  Otherwise, there's a risk for longer damage, however slight, long after the Scoring itself heals."  She turned back to Z'go. 

"Any questions before I proceed?"

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