Re: A little too far ( Ysolde / Desille )

Rogue Kakashi

Doryth seemed to be just as taken aback with finding a girl as the girl had with finding a dragon.  Her comment confused the blue, who quickly replied to her, {{ If I wasn't, then why I am I here?  }}

Desille heard Doryth speaking to somebody and her nerves grew only worse.  She blitzed into the craft halls, turning familiar tunnels until she came upon exactly what she was looking for, "Doryth!" she exclaimed, nearly out of breath.  "You big blue lump!   You're not supposed to be in here!"

{{ But!  I am!  I know, I can feel it, it's soooooo close,}}  he began sniffing the air, first up hear the ceiling and then down towards teh floor, then the girl's feet, her legs.  Something about her drew him, {{ Who are you!?  }}

"I'm sorry, he's never acted like this before!" Desille called out from the other side of Doryth.

- Desille and Doryth

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