Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)

Rogue Kakashi

Z'go was not impressed by the woman's attitude, even if he could understand it to a certain degree.  He let out quick grunt in response and rolled his eyes as he closed the door after her.  Although the rider wasn't in the best state, one could not say the same for his weyr; it was impeccable and well decorated, taking advantage of the space he had as well as he could.  Gamyth was laying on his stone couch near the ledge from where the two-tones brown could watch the going ons of the weyrbowl.  The brownrider let her go after the dragon as he headed over to his bed and pulled on a fresh tunic.

By the time he returned to the dragonhealer and Gamyth she was just about finishing her introduction.  The brown had turned his massive head towards her, clearly understanding that he was being spoken to.  His voice filled Z'go's head, "He says that you have his permission."  Z'go leaned in the wall, crossing his arms to watch.  "The score is right there on the back leg.  I put some numbweed on it earlier."

The singe on the brown's leg wasn't too severe, at least at first glance.  A follicle of thread had swiped past him just as they went between, causing a superficial burn over  Gamyth's hide.  It was very itchy and whole area felt tight.

- Z'go and Gamyth

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