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Totally not an answer that had been practised multiple times before coming to the office. "Might I offer you something to drink?" she asked politely, taking a drawn out moment to visually inspect R'bor. He held himself well but then again, most Bronzeriders did. "So, what do you see yourself doing in ten turns time?" It wasn't trick question. She had noticed only too quickly that his response had contained something very important - it had been all about how it would help further his own career.

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R'bor nodded as she offered him a seat and slid into it.  It still felt the same as the last time he'd sat in it.  "Thank you, ma'am" he said as he positioned himself, remembering his manners in front of whom may very well be his next superior soon.  Either that or he had still not shaken off the habit from when he'd been a candidate not too many turns ago.

"I feel that aiding candidates prepare for impression will not only sharpen my own skills but provide valuable insight in my continuing career as a dragonrider," R'bor explained as soon as he was ready.  He looked directly at the Candidatemaster as he spoke to her.  He'd expected her would be asked something similar so he'd done his best to come prepared with an answer.  

- R'bor

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