Re: A Senior Request (Cremsden/Aruithil)

Laura Walker

"Eh, I'll do you some lists," Cremsden promised. "Come and get them end of today, I'd try and learn two a sevenday - but remember you're not doing yourself any good if you remember them *just* for the sevenday. You need to make sure they stick." 

He studied her expression, and gave her a sympathetic grin. "Look, remember we've all -- " he gestured as though to take in the whole Infirmary "-- had to do this. It sounds terrifying, but we all get through it. You ask any of the Journeymen or Senior Apprentices to check you on them and they'll all remember just the same."

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The task seemed daunting and Aru felt a prickling tension between her shoulder blades, as if an enormous weight had been put on her.  She wanted to flee but she wasn't a coward, and that emboldened her, turning her expression dead serious as she listened to Cremsden, nodding her head as he made each point.  There was no doubt in her mind that she would do this, and the next time he quizzed her she would make him proud, "Yes, sir.  I'll practice every chance I get! In which area do you recommend I start?"

- Aruithil


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