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"Whilst I do not approve of, nor permit heavy handed teaching, I have no issue with a zero tolerance approach. This isn't a holiday, this is where we have to weed out the wheat from the chaff and ensure that the Candidates who go out on those Hatching Sands are as ready as they can be and most importantly, are fully aware of and ready to accept the responsibility of being a Rider if their lifemate so happens to be out there on those sands." 

Stepping more fully into the room, Nayari took a step closer, gesturing to the empty chair in silent request of being allowed to join Talena. "End of the day, it doesn't matter that they do not know you. You wear the knots that say that in the classrom, you are in charge and my Candidate should know well enough by know to understand what that means. I do not tolerate rudeness or insubordination in classrooms. Being here is a privilege and most importantly, an opportunity to obtain an education and understanding of the way the Weyr works. Even if they do not find themselves feeling that Candidacy is suited to them, we can send them back out into the world with basic education and in most cases, a basic Craft application that they can turn their hand to and I do not begrudge anyone who makes that decision."

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Temporarily thrown off by the sight of an actual queen firelizard, Telani paused before getting herself back together. "Ah, right. Mostly it's just trying not to scream at these kids. I'm used to my own candidates who also know me and what I expect. It would be entirely unfair if I disciplined these youngsters for not immediately knowing me and what I want. I'm still learning how rough I can be with them."

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