Re: What Did You Accuse Me Of? atten: Kassia/Ysolde


Ysolde opened her mouth to protest but Nayari got there first. "Whatever arguments you might be formulating you can close your mouth again, Ysolde. You're fortunate, no, you're extremely lucky that the Weyrwoman hasn't forbidden you from standing at this clutch, no..." Nayari held up a warning finger as Ysolde opened her mouth again. "... You're letting yourself down Ysolde. And you should be ashamed of yourself. You, who normally prides yourself on such good manners is currently showing an astounding lack of them."

Ysolde kept her mouth shut, but inside she was trembling with fury. Maybe when she had calmed down a little she would admit that she had been a little hasty in her reaction but not yet. Right now she was two steps and a sneeze from doing or saying something that would get her into even more trouble. But it just seemed so biased and more than a little unfair.

"... Furthermore," Nayari continued, "... as well as the Weyrwoman's expectations, during these two sevenday day you have also lost your crafting privileges. I will be sending a letter to your father informing him of your behaviour and during this time, you will instead be assisting myself. You will present to my office instead of doing your Craft. And you will be writing a formal apology to the Weyrwoman." Nayari's face was thunder and if Ysolde was still considering arguing, she thought better of it, biting her lip so hard that she could taste the metallic tang of blood filling her mouth.

"Yes, Candidatemaster." she managed between gritted teeth. Her eyes sparkled with bright, furious tears. And what would her father say, oh, but he would be so disappointed in her. That her Craft would be taken away as well, her chance at solitude was almost too much to bear. And for what? A rude person who couldn't keep their hands to themselves but just so happened to have the right knots on their shoulder. Oh., she could see how this worked. It didn't matter that Kassia had been, in her mind, rude and extremely presumptuous to pick something up that she knew wasn't hers and knew she hadn't been given permission for. No, that was perfectly fine. Or so, that was how Ysolde interpreted it.

Her face was tight, jaw clenched and eyes blinking furiously to keep the treacherous tears under control. She could feel a petulant response clawing its way up her throat and she swallowed hard, determined to refuse it escape. She straightened herself up, correcting her posture with her shoulders back, head held up high. Oh, but how she wished she could excuse herself to her cot but as they were standing right by it, the exit wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as she wanted. "I welcome any reprimand that you and the Weyrwoman see fit." Her voice was clenched and clipped, working furiously to be kept under control.

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"Whether I should have touched it or not, you should not have assaulted me. Weyrwoman or not. Nor accused me of being a Thief." Kassia shook her head. "There are better ways to handle this." She nodded at Nayari. "I believe that losing all privileges for two sevendays while performing drudge duties will give you plenty of time to consider alternative ways you could have handled this. At the end you can write me a paper describing these options. You'd better hope I'm satisfied."

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