Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Kyrel/Aruithil )

Rogue Kakashi

"Oh, he got his due!" Aruithil continued, very much pleased that Kyrel shared her opinion.  She too could not believe that he was walking around freely but it had been three turns and if anything were to be done in that regard it would have.  "He was confined to his weyr for months, and on daily latrine duty for twice as long, and not allowed to miss a single Drill not Fall.  If he wasn't a dragonrider, I'd say exile him to some island, but it isn't his dragon's fault his rider is a total wherry brained mud eater!"

As she spoke she opened one of the drawers and pulled out a case.  She picked one of the many glass vials holding samples of different plants.  After glancing threw them for a few seconds she pulled one out, "Do you know this one?"

- Aruithil

- Aruithil

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