Re: I Still Can't Belive You're a Mother atten: Shalia/Sarati

Kevin M

Shalia brightened up as the voice sounded in her head.  While not nearly as recognizable to her as Rhyth, or even Foreth, she still identified it immediately.  ((Thank you, Kabelth!  Please ask her to meet me at the Dining Hall?  Or should I meet at your weyr?)) she asked the green as politely as she could.  It was, after all, possible that the other woman already had picnic supplies lined up.

Having young twins did eat up a chunk of her time, even if she tended to leave them at the Creche... or with their father... or grandfather.  Kids were cute enough, although she preferred to enjoy them for a short while and then hand them back to whomever they belonged to, but babies were a lot of work with not all that much interesting about them.  In fact, she'd been on her way to the Creche guiltily aware that she should spend *some* time with the babies (...all the babies in her little family unit, not just the ones she'd birthed, and maybe take Gillyna for a ride...) but happily switched course.
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