Old Enough to Know Better ((Attn: S'ryll / Kyrel))


Mid-morning found Kyrel sitting next to the weyrlake, standing out like a sore thumb as the youngest person settled on the beach to enjoy the peaceful waterfront. He was not the only one present, certainly, but the only young man in candidate attire. By the angle of the sun, it would have been obvious to any onlooker that he was skipping the day's first Harper-led lessons. No one had approached him thus far to tell him that he couldn't be there, and in his mind there was little reason he shouldn't be, so he didn't have even the decency to pretend otherwise. 
This early in the day, the temperature was not yet blisteringly hot. It was the perfect spot for him to read. Nestled in his lap was a thick volume he was nearly 3/4ths of the way through, his thumb holding the pages apart at the center crease. Alongside it, a piece of slender rope had been knotted awkwardly by inexperienced hands. "...and so you thread it through this loop," Kyrel muttered to himself, not a care in the world beyond his study at that moment. "Oh, under that one and then over." 
There was so much to catch up on before Hatching day arrived if he wanted a shot to Stand with the other candidates. It seemed like he spent every waking moment absorbing new information; even avoiding a numbers lesson, he was still /reading/. Faranth, there was /so much reading/. 

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