Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)


Ambrelli pursed her lips.  She could smell the wine on his breath, and by the state of him, he'd just woken up.  And apparently lost his shirt.  Well, she hadn't grown up in Weyrs by being a prude, but still.  She glanced at him in irritation.  She'd been ready to go before this, and he was only going to make her more ready to be done.  And perhaps follow his example with that wine.

"What I want, Brownrider Z'go, is to go home to my own bed with my own bottle of wine.  But instead I'm here to take care of your dragon.  I hope he's in a better state that you are."  She pushed the door open the remainder of the way, not asking for his permission, and proceeded inside.

"Dragon Gamyth.  I'm Jm Ambrelli.  I will speak directly to you as I run the diagnostics.  You may speak directly to me or use your rider as an intermediary.  Regardless, I thank you for your services, and I'm here to help you."  If her tone had been annoyed with his rider, there was a distinct change as she dealt with the dragon, and her tone was respectful and professional.  Dragons were, after all, the real saviors of Pern.  People with some flamethrowers could never replicate what the dragons did, or what they allowed to grow.  Ambrelli's father and mother had impressed that upon her from birth.  Spending time with her father and his bronze, the older dragon letting her play on him like a dotting uncle, but then bravely fighting Thread and suffering the scores.  Dragons were why the Weyrs existed...the humans were just there to guide them in her opinion.  

"Do I have your permission, Gamyth, to proceed?"  

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