Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)

Rogue Kakashi

Z'go was not used to people banging on the door to his weyr.  Firstly, most sane members of the weyr dared not ascend the half dozen flight of stairs that it took to reach it, and secondly most who visited him either had their own dragons or were brought up personally by the brownrider.  He'd been flying Thread all morning, too, and Gamyth had been lightly scored on his right haunch, which had only put the rider into a fouler mood.  After he was told that a dragonhealer would visit his weyr later, the brownrider had slathered some numbweed on the brown and had spend the rest of the afternoon "waiting" with a bottle of wine until he inevitably fell asleep.

The knocking brought him back to conscious world with a groan.  He pulled himself from his bed wearing nothing but the pants he'd fallen asleep with and headed over to the door.  He undid the bolts and locks and after a few brief moments the blonde man opened the door just enough to glare sleepily at the woman who'd woken him up.  "What do you want?" he asked, his voice scratchy from having just woken up.

Gamyth was watching, being his usual quiet self, with slight amusement at his rider's annoyance.  {{ She is the dragonhealer, }} the brown told him.  Z'go would've preferred that information before, because now he had to begrudgingly wait for her to answer for herself.

- Z'go and Gamyth

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