Re: A Unceremonious Arrival (S'ryll/Kassia)


"It's a sad day when a Goldrider, let alone the Weyrwoman, faces threats.  She shouldn't have to...."  There was no arrogance in his voice, just regret at the situation itself.  He remembered the incident now better.  He'd been a young rider back then and oblivious to the issues with the other Weyrs.  He'd forgotten that it was Arolos and High Reaches that had been in conflict then, as the incident was best left in the back of their minds.  That they had bad blood between them, well, that was part of what made his transfer here sting all the more.  It was meant to be a slight.

"And can you take care of yourself, Sar, with that dagger on your hip?" he asked her.  "Or shall I volunteer to guard you when there are now whers about?"  He gave a glance to the beasts he saw.  He couldn't help it.  He wanted a closer look.  He'd have to find the beastcrafters here and discuss the curiosities.  Breeding and training whers as guards.  His Crafter side wanted to investigate, but not so long as this Sar was before him.  

{{And we still need a weyr.  And a wing assignment.  And a good weyr.  And a good wing assignment.}}  Vastolth reminded him. 

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