Re: I'm Not Pregant Party atten: Sarati/any


Kika was sitting off to the side, studying in the Dining Hall while finishing her evening meal.  It had been a long day, and the female Candidate had learned in her short time here at Arolos, that while she might be good with animals, there was much more to Weyrlife than that.  She felt overwhelmed, and her shyness didn't help with any of that.  

She looked up when the commotion started by a girl who didn't look terribly older than herself came in and started buying drinks.  Some guy pushed one in her hand and she sipped it, making a face.  It was much stiffer than she was used to, and she knew a drink like this usually came with trouble.  But she was not her father, she reminded herself, before taking another sip.

"Thank you, m'lady." she said to the young woman courteously, oblivious to who she was, but hearing the 'Lady Holder' part.  "And congratulations..."    

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