Re: I'm Not Pregant Party atten: Sarati/any


The instant those cabinets opened, Luicion's head snapped around eagerly. Sarati's words were music to his ears and the young man cheered as he grabbed his first round. 

"Cheers to ya, Sarati! Health to yer dragon an' Threadless skies to ya!" With that, he knocked back his drink with a grin.

Rennitz had been delighted to see her old friend when Sarati had walked in looking like a firework. She was still so happy for Sarati at having Impressed even while she still Stood waiting. Green eyes tracked the young woman curiously as she had the alcohol opened to everyone, eyebrows raising in surprise at Sarati's generosity. Everyone? Rennitz watched Luicion predictably take Sarati up on the offer and down a glass of booze and shook her head. That boy... As for herself, Rennitz opted for a glass of white wine and sat back to watch.

Meanwhile, Sonnellion looked at Luicion more with distaste and a bit of shock. That boy! He was a candidate, why didn't he act like one? Ah for shame. Sonnellion opted to keep to his juice, not wanting to risk his place in the Weyr, thank you.

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