Re: Rise and Shine (ATTN Diagir, Larenne)

Jessica Freise

Relief flashed in her eyes, replaced by warmth for the older wherhandler. She glanced at Ziya and smiled.

"She is quite beautiful," she complemented, scritching Larensk head so he didn't feel left out.

On Apr 3, 2020, at 12:10 PM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

"It could be a problem, aye," Diagir agreed, "But he would have to listen to a queen just based on nature, so you could rest assured that, should he decide to not listen to you, he would be compelled to listen to an order from Ziya, Citruse, Rain, Wildfire, or Gleam. If you don't recognize some of those names, they're all of the gold whers currently at Arolos, though they're not all in the craft." He gave Larensk a pensive look. "Though, honestly he does seem to be quite well behaved. Keep yourself known as the queen in his eyes and I don't see a problem."

Ziya snorted in agreement. She knew that she certainly would not hesitate to put the blue in his place should he get out of hand.

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