Re: Rise and Shine (ATTN Diagir, Larenne)

Jessica Freise

"Is it wrong that he listens only to me? If you were to order, or even ask, he would not be so accomodating."

On Apr 3, 2020, at 10:49 AM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

"Aye, I recall you saying something about that when you signed on with us," Diagir affirmed with a nod. "Though I'm very pleased to hear you think so highly of the craft. Your training with Larensk is certainly coming along very well. He listened to you spectacularly just now."

Ziya was quite pleased as well to see the blue obey his human. Whers who listened always were "good 'uns" in her book, so this Larensk was a good one.

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