Re: Rise and Shine (ATTN Diagir, Larenne)

Jessica Freise

Her smile widened. "Great. I think I'd marry the craft if I could. It's certainly more rewarding than any relationship I've ever entertained."

Pausing, she thought of her sister. She who was lost to her for turns and then of Larensk. Snapping her fingers, seh called the wher back to her.

"I imagine I'll think differently if I find my sister."

On Apr 3, 2020, at 10:40 AM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

Ziya kept a firm eye on both the blue and her daughter, suspicious of each's intent but also a bit jealous the attention didn't immediately go to her. Diagirsk stayed alert mostly because it was his job, even if this was one of theirs. The fool that was Vainglory just wanted to receive the attention Larensk was offering.

Diagir chuckled. "Not going to get much there, Larensk. She's spayed." He turned his attention to Larenne. "Aye, but give it time. Some still like to go out in daylight with their goggles, but for me it's just easier to bring my three out at night. It gets a bit overwhelming for them to be around full Weyr traffic during the day. Sounds everywhere and people all wanting to see whers, especially Ziya." Not that he could blame them. "How's your studies going?"

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