Re: Rise and Shine (ATTN Diagir, Larenne)

Jessica Freise

Larenne returned his cheerful greeting with one of her own, hand raised to rest on Larensk neck, stilling him gin hte midst of his ground-eating trot. She never got enough of the trio she now studied closer than she ever had before.

"It is indeed," she answered. "We seem to be the only ones out so early today." Curiously, she watched Larensk sidal towards the green wher.

On Apr 3, 2020, at 10:20 AM, Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:

Sitting lakeside with his trio, Diagir saw someone coming from the Wherhold and looked to see who it was. With aid from Ziya, he identified blue Larensk walking ahead of the human, so that meant it was Larenne. Vainglory heard there was a blue and arched her head out of the water to curiously eye the other and whistled at what she saw. He was huge! Diagirsk snorted in derision- the blue was big, sure, but the brown was much, much bigger. Ziya cast a disapproving glance over both of them and rustled her wings before turning her attention back to the approaching pair. Diagir himself stood and called out to the pair.

"Hello! Senior Apprentice Larenne, isn't it? Out with your Larensk?" He greeted them in a cheerful tone, pleased to see one of his apprentices out and about.

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