Re: A Favorite Topic With a New Face (Diagir/Ziya, Maglor/Glaurung)


"I always thought that whers were more solitary." Maglor responded, his own befuddlement at the scene showing on his face and in his tone alike. "But I'm glad he's making the acquaintance of other whers." 

{'Rung chase, gud, when 'Glor says.} the bronze answered contentedly. {Gud run, catch 'iya, many gudstrong egg.} He rumbled, pleased, deep in his stocky chest. 

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 5:40 PM Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:
Surprised by the feelings he received from his gold, Diagir looked down at the pair. "Well... Ziya has really taken to Glaurung. I've never seen her act like that to another wher. This is really something!"

Pleased and content with Glaurung's acceptance of her approval, Ziya was more than happy to allow the lick and nuzzle. She even deigned to return the nuzzle with a little hum. {Rung give Ziya many egg, many time. 'Rung run often when Ziya run, yes?}

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