You're willing to take me back, right? (Dytha/Larsin)


As much as she had been looking forward to this day, she was also terrified. Oh, Master Larsin had told her when she had impressed that she could come back. But that had been so long ago. Almost three turns and Dytha's sensible head told her that it was entirely likely that he had found a new protege by now.In fact it had been several months since she had been able to see him at all, caught up in the finalisation of her drill training and eventual graduation.

But she had told the Weyrlingmasters she would be returning to her Craft. Now she needed to find out whether that was still even a viable plan. She had checked the schedule and knew that the Master was due to be working that day and she had made sure she was refreshed and smart. Most importantly, she had ensured that she had her ace in the hole. The research project she had worked on detailing the growth rate of the 2nd Pass weyrling dragons. It was a thick and well used journal. She had documented it all. Including her own experiences with Ponth.

It was well into the morning by the time she actually plucked up the courage to head down to the Infimary, going through to the dragon side and looking around for any familiar faces. "Hey, has anyone seen Master Larsin?" she called out, knowing full well that with her luck, he was up to his elbows in dragon guts and far too busy to speak with the likes of her. 

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